The Necessary Corrections

The Necessary Corrections-April 2021Download In honour of Dr Siouxsie Wiles being named New Zealander of the year, I'm sharing the short story, 'The Necessary Corrections' I wrote last year about the March-April lockdown. Dr Siouxsie gets a mention in the story. (See above for download) My deep thanks goes to our research team's (Te … Continue reading The Necessary Corrections

The Dancing Maharani

Ranjit Kaur Have a listen to this new podcast featuring Ranjit Kaur, author of The Dancing Maharani, her new book of short stories. I was in London last week and had a chance to interview her. Given 4.5 stars in Asian Image, the reviewer says 'this compelling book is reminiscent of what all our … Continue reading The Dancing Maharani

The Ruthie Chronicles

Chapter 2: Winters’ Bakery In honour of Ruthie being named as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, we present a new chapter in the Ruthie Chronicles. She tells me (Lisa) the story of Winters' Bakery, a magical place in her childhood during the 1940s-50s. As the American born child of immigrants who … Continue reading The Ruthie Chronicles

Sacred healers

Fran Antmann talks about her book: Maya Healers - A Thousand Dreams in an interview on She's been living and working in Central and South America for years and foregrounds the sacredness of indigenous people's work and lives. "As a writer and photographer, I saw firsthand how healers, bonesetters and their patients are part … Continue reading Sacred healers

Adibata Konata

Migrants & refugees: a positive spin…for once

From the Guardian (geez, I love their photography section), a photo essay on the value of immigrants and refugees. Writer Lorenzo Tondo and photographer Sean Smith teamed up to showcase five people in Sicily triumphantly defying and denying the Italian right's stigmatisation of refugees and migrants. Moving stories.