Patriarchal myths about the West explode!

“Much like fake news, fake history becomes a truth that functions to influence the thoughts and belief of the present. For the past three years I have been photographing the American West to examine western mythology and the elevation of hyper-masculinity.” That’s what Greta Pratt has to say regarding her photo series  on the western…

Migrants & refugees: a positive spin…for once

From the Guardian (geez, I love their photography section), a photo essay on the value of immigrants and refugees. Writer Lorenzo Tondo and photographer Sean Smith teamed up to showcase five people in Sicily triumphantly defying and denying the Italian right’s stigmatisation of refugees and migrants. Moving stories.

I lost a day along the way

Studio Art Supplies garage door on Crummer Road.  The door was painted a few years ago, but I like how the stickered rubbish bins compliment (or is it complement?) the aesthetic.

Magnolia magic

The little magnolia tree around the corner always punches above its weight when springtime rolls around.

Luisa Dörr

Whooo, just discovered Luisa Dörr – Brazilian photographer who concentrates on portraiture. Find more of her work here.   Or follow her on Instagram.