Book promotion: you gotta start somewhere

I’m trying an experiment. I’ll be speaking at the self-publishing forum for Same Same But Different on 9 Feb – Auckland’s queer literary festival – and I want to bring with me fresh data about marketing my novel Grandzilla online. So I’m wading into the fray — trying to figure out of how best to promote the book by giving different ways of doing so a go. I’ve chosen ten sites that promote books for free. They send info about your book to their email lists and hopefully readers will take the plunge and buy. My book’s on Amazon and I put it on sale for 99 cents (normally $8.99) from 1st to 5th February. With a price that low it means my royalties are only 35% and I’ll make a whopping 35 cents per sale. Ouch.

There was no science involved in the sites I chose, just ones I found on somebody’s list of ‘best free sites for promoting your book’. Not all of them guaranteed they’d run my book; Book Hippo required that I provide a link to the website of the professional editor who edited my book.

Check back next week if you want an update on how it went. Did I get any exposure? Any sales? This year I’m going to keep posting about what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we’ll all learn something about how to really market a book online. Cut through some of the chatter.

Here’s the list:Discount Book Man
Book Bongo
It’s Write Now
Book Angel
Zwoodle Books
Book Hippo
Reading Deals
Awesome Gang