How’d I do?

Not sure the photo’s accurate . . . I’m not really disappointed by last week’s experiment because my expectations were really low. A recap: I put Grandzilla on sale for 99 cents and tried out 10 sites that offered free book promotion (see below). Their modus operandi is that they send out info about your book to their email lists and post it on their website. Since I signed up for the freebie option, there was no guarantee I’d make the email list.

Long story short…I didn’t sell any books. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Though I did like my page on What’s next? I’m going to check out Booksprout. They automate your advance review copy (ARC) process and help generate some reviews. Grandzilla’s past the ARC stage but the process is still valid. Stay tuned.

Here’s my original list.

Discount Book Man
Book Bongo
It’s Write Now
Book Angel
Zwoodle Books
Book Hippo
Reading Deals
Awesome Gang