My other novels

A whodunit set in Antarctica where I wintered-over in 1994-95. It’s a look at life before the internet in the coldest, most isolated place on earth.

Jaeger Station, Antarctica. Lucy ‘Poke’ Pocatello has just been found dead on the ice. A horrible accident that turns out not to be so accidental after all.

The good news is the killer can’t get away because it’s winter in the Antarctic and there’s no way off the continent for another six weeks. The bad news is that means whoever did it has six more weeks to make sure Poke’s best friend Caroline Gamble and her sidekicks Will Crossland and Fire Chief Janice Magnet end up as silent as Poke about the reason for her death.

Cold, dark, forbidding . . . Death on a Long Winter’s Night is a mystery that looks into a world that not many of us will ever see: winter in Antarctica.

My debut novel published in 2003 by Bella Books and written under my pen name Auden Bailey:

After stealing the family icon, An Jones flees to Antarctica to escape her past. Eight hundred miles north of the South Pole, at Mickey Field, she encounters the stark beauty of the Antarctic’s snow and ice covered landscape.

She also encounters Jubilee Oval, a mysterious storyteller and self-proclaimed collector of the secrets everyone “leaks and reeks.” Faced with the beautiful but disorienting Antarctic landscape and a breed of folks as odd as the scenery, An retreats into a dreamy, disconnected state.

Jubilee Oval insists that An abandon her seat on the sidelines and delve into the mysteries that lie at the heart of Antarctica. She tells An her tales — myths about the origin of Antarctica and its creatures. Through Jubilee’s stories and her own affinity for the icy barren land, An slowly unearths the secrets of her past but pays an extreme price for the knowledge.

Drifting at the Bottom of the World offers a glimpse into Antarctica, a mythical place few people have ever seen. Employing magical realism reminiscent of Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits, Auden Bailey illuminates the enduring grip of the world’s most remote continent and immerses us in a quirky, compelling universe that will haunt our imaginations long after we have finished reading this engaging first novel.