Holy Family

I guess the Holy Family’s got to get trekking early if they’re going to make it from Auckland to Bethlehem by Christmas.  Spotted on Great North Road in Grey Lynn.

Corsica is pink

“When the evening comes, everything comes to life again, the world turns pink for a while, the birds sing, people go out again. It feels like walking in a dream.” I’m in love with Andria Darius Pancrazi’s photography of Corsica where he grew up. Minimalist in style, inspired by David Lynch movies and an ’80s…

Venice Beach

A new book by Dotan Saguy documents Venice Beach in photographs. Snapchat’s empire-building is ruining the vibe, so this could be a last look at it’s specialness. See the full article in the Guardian.

Photo pick of the day

Today’s photo pick is an animation by Azumo Makoto. Developed to explain the life cycle of flowers to children. Stunning!  

Photo pick of the day: Evelyn Hofer

  Evelyn Hofer – amazing portrait photographer. Check out her work at  the Danziger Gallery which says about her: “Hofer always photographed her subjects where she found them, but favored carefully composed scenes with a still, timeless aura. Almost in opposition to the on-the-fly work of her contemporaries Eggleston and William Klein, Hofer used extraordinary…

Utsira: Norway’s smallest municipality is big on street art

I just found out about Utsira via Brooklyn Street Art.  A tiny island off the western coast of Norway, they really like their street art. Artists come from all over to add to the collection they’ve got going. Check out the video below for a sampler.

Photo pick of the day

Ben Thomas From the Guardian (Text by Poppy Noor) These are real pics – Thomas shoots on bright sunny days and then manipulates the photos in Photoshop. “For his colourful Chroma series, Australian artist Ben Thomas photographs urban cityscapes: funfair rides and hot-dog stands are shot in pastel tones and edited in a fantastical way…

Conversation in the provinces

  I was taking pictures. Camera slung around my neck – the international sign of the tourist. A white man in his 70s stopped me on the street for a chat. Mussed grey hair, blue knit pullover, tired polar fleece jacket. Pudgy. Lonely. Lives in the next town over. Asked me where I was from….

Photo pick of the day

See all the photos from the new monograph edited by Robert Delpire. From the Magnum Photos website: “Kalvar’s work often showcases his sense of humor, pushing ordinary things to their logical but absurd conclusions. ‘In life, I float in a world of ambiguity, where meaning is multiple and far from clear’, he explains. “If I…

What a legend…

[photo by Vincent Tullo] Susan Unterberg funds women artists over 40. From the NY Times article by Robin Pogrebin: The gift is part of a grant program that has paid out a total of $5.5 million over the last 22 years to support underrecognized female artists over age 40. It is called Anonymous Was a Woman,…