I lost a day along the way

Studio Art Supplies garage door on Crummer Road.  The door was painted a few years ago, but I like how the stickered rubbish bins compliment (or is it complement?) the aesthetic.

Magnolia magic

The little magnolia tree around the corner always punches above its weight when springtime rolls around.

Holy Family

I guess the Holy Family’s got to get trekking early if they’re going to make it from Auckland to Bethlehem by Christmas.  Spotted on Great North Road in Grey Lynn.

Conversation in the provinces

  I was taking pictures. Camera slung around my neck – the international sign of the tourist. A white man in his 70s stopped me on the street for a chat. Mussed grey hair, blue knit pullover, tired polar fleece jacket. Pudgy. Lonely. Lives in the next town over. Asked me where I was from….

The Yellow Shed

It’s all about the diagonals, the lines of tension anchoring the composition in place. The tree and the weeds on the roof in the background. The shadow on the left with the shadow on the right. The yellow plank extending to the right up top and the one nailed in place down below. The grey…